Puppy Articles

Grooming and bathing your puppy

Bath time can be fun as long as you are prepared to get wet alongside your pet. Keeping your puppy clean with regular brushing and the occasional wash is an important part of the bonding process, as well as a necessary hygiene measure. Don’t leave it too long, the sooner it starts the more readily… Read more »

Special diets

Specialist diets are generally more expensive than ‘standard’ dog foods. Those designed to keep down your pet’s weight can mostly be avoided by being careful with their diet in the first place and maintaining a strict exercise routine.  Therapeutic diets are normally sold via vet practices, but are increasingly available on line. They are formulated… Read more »

Your puppy’s diet

The choice of dog foods now available has never been wider and it may take some time before you finally decide on the right one for you and your puppy. Choose a healthy option, stick to the recommended daily amount (RDA) and avoid treats to give your puppy the best chance of a long and… Read more »

Puppy collars, leads and identity tags

It’s a good idea to begin using a collar and lead indoors even before your puppy starts making his first public appearance. Collars are available in a number of materials. Whether you go for leather, nylon, chain or rope, choose the lightest option. A heavy collar can cause damage to your puppy’s neck. Make sure… Read more »

Puppy bedding

It’s important that you prepare the house well in advance of the arrival of your puppy. Getting a good night’s sleep will be vital to both of you as you settle down to living together. Therefore it makes sense to set aside sleeping space in the house, somewhere where your puppy can relax and get… Read more »

Pheromone facts

Pheromone products are becoming an increasingly popular aid for puppy owners. They can help settle your new puppy into his new home more effectively. Commercial products come in the form of a diffusor that is plugged into an electrical socket, or a spray to be used on clothing and bedding for example. Pheromones are designed… Read more »

Is your puppy ill?

Puppies are particularly vulnerable to illness when very young and sometimes it’s difficult to spot what’s wrong. Here are some useful things to look out for: Lack of appetite (not just during one meal) but over a period of 24 hours Vomiting/diarrhoea over 24 hours Panting and crying Coughing Laboured breathing Lack of energy Excessive… Read more »

Meeting your vet

Don’t wait until something goes wrong to introduce your new puppy to the vet. Make an appointment in advance so you can take him to your local surgery for a preventative health check. The staff will be delighted to meet him and pass on important information about worming, teething and other equally vital tips. The… Read more »

Puppy Toys

Toys don’t have to cost a great deal – in fact there are probably items already lying around your home that are suitable for a puppy to play with. A soft plastic lid will do, or perhaps a visit to a local charity shop will yield unwanted soft toys. Just be sure they are clean… Read more »

First Contact with the breeder

You’ve decided to take the plunge and make contact. Here are some questions to ask the breeder before arranging your first visit. It may be worth having a pen and paper handy to make notes, so you can think over their answers. 1.    Did you breed the puppy that is advertised? This may seem an… Read more »