Puppy Articles

Socialising your puppy

While it’s a good idea to keep things quiet for the first few days of the arrival of your puppy, the time to introduce him to new sights and sounds will soon come round. Puppy parties, often arranged by your local vet surgery, are a great start. This may include a quick health check that… Read more »

Playtime with puppy

Playtime is more than fun, it’s crucial to the wellbeing of your puppy. It’s what puppies do naturally if left alone with their siblings. As well as helping them to develop their physiques, playing with your dog will create an unbreakable bond. Early favourite pastimes should include hiding tasty treats that help your puppy develop… Read more »

Quick Breed Guide

The Kennel Club specifies seven broad groups which all pedigree dogs in the UK fall into. These groups include the Terrier, Hound, Toy, Utility, Gundog, Working and Pastoral. All dogs that fall outside of the pedigree groups are classified as cross or mixed breeds. This is not a static list, breeders are constantly lobbying for… Read more »

Puppy Facts

Not all breeds are the same, some have very particular traits. Retrievers for example love to track down game and as their name suggests bring it straight back to their owners. Their soft mouths are perfect carrying tools. Terriers are tough customers never happier than when out rooting out vermin. Collies are inveterate herders, when… Read more »

A Great Start

It’s never too early to begin training. Set the ground rules as soon as you bring your new puppy home. But don’t expect a dog to understand at once, it takes patience and plenty of love before the message gets through. Dogs are pack animals and naturally sociable – nobody wants an aggressive loner for… Read more »

Puppy Love

Here are some amazing facts and figures about your puppy. The first is that psychologists believe that humans can’t resist a dog, because they bring out our nurturing instincts. So there’s no point in fighting it and enjoy your new companion. As well as the odd bark or yelp, your puppy has a number of… Read more »

What to Expect From Your Maltese Puppies and Dogs

What to Expect From Your Maltese Puppies and Dogs If you’re looking for a family dog or constant companion pet who loves attention, you can’t go wrong with Maltese Puppies. Known to have tons of energy and exhibit extreme playfulness, he loves to take walks and trips in the car. Because the Maltese prefers small… Read more »

Puppies dogs for sale – Advice on buying a puppy

Puppies and dogs for sale… When you decide to buy a puppy, there are many websites now available to help you find the right breeder of your puppy. One thing to remember is none of these websites check or vet these breeders, that is down to you! You must make sure you carry out at,… Read more »

Can Kids and Puppies Get Along?

Can Kids and Puppies Get Along? When thinking about whether to get a puppy when you have kids, two things might come to mind. One is a picture of a cornered dog snapping at a child and the other is that cute You Tube video showing a Labrador and a 2 year old as the… Read more »

Puppy Training Help & Considerations

Puppy Training Help & Considerations It sure would be nice if that sweet little bundle of fur you fell in love with came already fully trained, wouldn’t it? Perhaps you should have gotten an older dog – one who already understands the meaning of “sit”, “stay”, and “go potty”. But no, you really wanted a… Read more »