Pheromone facts

Pheromone products are becoming an increasingly popular aid for puppy owners. They can help settle your new puppy into his new home more effectively. Commercial products come in the form of a diffusor that is plugged into an electrical socket, or a spray to be used on clothing and bedding for example.

Pheromones are designed to reduce stress caused by external stimuli such as travel. Car journeys can be made more pleasant by spraying the space in which the puppy will sit 15 minutes before setting off. The effects should last up to two hours. More particular problems, such as excessive barking can be relieved by spraying a piece of cloth and wrapping it around the puppy’s collar. Diffusors are designed to cover much larger areas. They will provide enough coverage for an average four bedroom house.

Behavioural issues that respond well to pheromone therapy can also be addressed with further training. Your local vet practice should be able to provide further advice.