Puppy collars, leads and identity tags

It’s a good idea to begin using a collar and lead indoors even before your puppy starts making his first public appearance. Collars are available in a number of materials. Whether you go for leather, nylon, chain or rope, choose the lightest option. A heavy collar can cause damage to your puppy’s neck. Make sure it is comfortable and not too tight. You should be able to slip a couple of fingers between your puppy’s neck and his collar. Finally check that nothing is sticking out which could catch and cause an injury.

As with collars, there’s a bewildering range of leads out there. Extendable ones are particularly popular, giving your puppy more freedom of movement while you remain in control. In addition to leads that clip onto the collar, there are other options such as harnesses that go around the puppy’s legs and body. These are designed to stop your puppy pulling with his neck.

The law requires that your dog wears an identity tag whenever he is out of the home. This should carry details of your name address and phone number.