How charity work can help your business

Instagram Photo -- Follow us @canoodlepetsAs a dog breeder, you’re no doubt an animal lover and you’ll probably want to do your bit for animals around the world. As a result, it makes sense to combine your breeding business with some charity elements.

This doesn’t mean you have to spend time volunteering at a dog shelter or give all of your profits to your chosen charity but there are ways in which you can help.

Not only are you doing something good but there are ways you and your chosen charity can work together on mutual promotion.

You’ll be giving back to the community

A corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy isn’t just for large businesses. You, as a smaller business, can have one too. It doesn’t have to be complex, perhaps it simply outlines that you’ll do what you can to help local or relevant charities.

Of course, you can go into more detail and a CSR policy shows that you run a business that cares about more than just making a profit. This helps to mould your image in the eyes of your customers.

Changing the dog breeder image

With so much in the media about puppy farming, it can be easy for people to assume that anyone who breeds dogs is doing so unethically. By supporting a relevant dog charity and being open and honest about your breeding methods, you can help to dispel this preconception.

The bad reputation given to breeders by puppy farms can be corrected by how you promote your business and how you come across to people who are looking for a puppy. If you can work with a charity to promote responsible breeding then you’re not only helping victims of puppy farming (dogs and owners alike), but you’re also showing that you are a responsible breeder.

Promoting your business through events

We’ve already touched on this topic before and event-driven marketing works nicely with a charity tie-in.

It could be something as simple as a charity raffle at your open day or you could go all out and organise a sponsored dog walk to raise funds for your chosen organisation.

Not only does this help your chosen charity but it also helps to raise your profile. If you do hold a charity event be sure to share the details across social media, submit it to local event directories and let the local press know.

Working with a charity doesn’t have to be one sided and while your motivation should be on helping your chosen organisation, it’ll do good things for your business’ image too.

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