How to encourage customers to leave reviews

Even if you have impeccable customer service, wonderful puppies and a fantastic website, how is a potential customer to know that?

If you’re a new business, customers might be wary of trying you themselves. They may check to see what your past customers have said about you and your puppies, and if they can’t find anything positive, they’re definitely going to be put off. It’s important to encourage customers to leave reviews.

Where customers can leave reviews


This is great as it’s got fantastic reach. You’ll need to get listed on the site but once you’re on there, it’ll rank quite high when people search for your brand name.

Google Places

Even if you haven’t set up your own Google Places listing (you should) your business still might appear. Keep all your details up to date and people are more likely to realise it’s a manned page for the business they are looking to review.

Again, this has high reach and shows up well against brand name searches. Reviews should definitely be encouraged here and users can give a star rating too.

This is one of the best places to encourage people to review as it’s the first thing that will show up when people search for information on your business through Google. Listings with reviews get more clicks than ones without so even if your Yell reviews are all wonderful, people still might not choose your business if you’ve got no feedback on Google.

When encouraging people to leave reviews on your Google Places page, link directly to the review form to make it as easy as possible.

Independent breeder review sites

There are a number of these websites out there and it can’t hurt to get listed and encourage reviews on the ones you think are worth it. However, you’d probably be better off with Google Places if you’re only going to focus your attention on one website.

Your Website

You should also include some of the best testimonials on your site. It tells people a little bit more about your puppies and the service you provide. It’s also a good indicator to potential new customers that you are a legitimate business. However, these don’t always hold the most authority because it’s easy to put false reviews in your own site.

Encouraging Reviews

Paper forms

With your puppy pack you can include a paper form asking your customers to write a few lines about your service. You can then add these to your website.

Asking Nicely

If you get talking to a customer, ask them to leave a review. Especially if they’ve been happy with the service they’ve received. If they really like their new puppy and the service you’ve provided, they’ll be more than happy to help out.

Asking in Person

It’s harder for someone to say no if you ask them in person. You could ask as you hand over a puppy or perhaps when talking to past customers at events or shows.

Obvious Calls to Action

If you have a website, make it easy for people to leave reviews. Have a ‘leave a review’ button easily accessible on your homepage. People may not visit your site looking for it but it might remind them that they’ve got something to say about the service they’ve received.

Make it Easy

Remove any barriers such as unnecessary sign ups (perhaps make sign up optional), captchas, and complicated required fields.

If you’re linking to other review sites, link straight to the form. This makes it less likely that customers will get distracted in the process.

Show off Previous Reviews

If someone can see your previous reviews, it tells them they can leave one too and makes them more likely to do so. Why would anyone leave a review when they didn’t know they could?


If you have the software, you can automatically send a reminder to customers after they’ve bought a puppy, encouraging them to leave a review. If you don’t want to pay out for expensive software and you have a small customer base, you can do this manually.

Wait until a week or two after they’ve taken the puppy home, then send out an email asking if everything is working out. Here you can link to the review site/form of your choice.

Ask on Social Media

Periodically ask for reviews through social media. Don’t over do these requests but occasionally asking doesn’t hurt. It might be all a customer needed to remind them to leave that review. Again, make it as easy a possible and include a link to the relevant review page.

Use Feedback as a Review

If you have customers giving you feedback ask them if you can quote them in a review. This works well for reviews on your own site. Especially when you are building up your client base.