How to market your business through events

To show that you are a responsible breeder, customers are going to want to see your dogs. They’ll want to see puppies you’ve kept and raised, adult dogs, parents and any other pups you own. Getting out and about gives potential customers the chance to meet your dogs and fall in love.

Go along to country shows with your friendliest pooches

People can’t help but approach friendly dogs and this is a good chance to get talking to them and let them know what you do. Make sure you have cards or other information on you to give out should someone be interested. The likelihood of bumping into someone currently on the hunt for a puppy is low but you never know what their plans might be for the future.

Your own stand at a dog show

A stand at a dog show can really get your name out there but this is only really any good if you breed show-quality pedigree dogs. Generally the people who go to dog shows have more interest in dogs than simply owning them as pets.

Similarly, if you breed dogs with amazing agility and obedience, you may be able to find potential owners who are looking for puppies to train in this respect.

Competing in a dog show

There’s no better way to show of a dog you’ve bred and raised than in a show. It might be agility, obedience or as a show dog. You can then use blog posts, social media and public relations to use this to help build your profile as a breeder.

Open day

If you have a lot of space then you could hold an open day to introduce people to what you do. This is a good chance to team up with other businesses, raise some money for charity and find homes for future puppies.

Again, spread the word through PR, social media and your website. The trick is to offer all sorts of things for people to come and see. Perhaps a local pet shop owner will be selling their wares or maybe you’ll have your own best in show competition for local dogs.