Marketing and promotion tips for dog breeders

If you can get your marketing right then you’re more likely to be able to sell your puppies in a timely manner as well as start to establish a waiting list for future litters.


By far, one of the most valuable forms of marketing is word-of-mouth advertising. Unfortunately, this is one of those things that just starts to happen naturally and while you can do things to help it along, you mostly have to let customers get on with it.

You need to make sure that your customers are so happy with your service and your puppies that they want to tell people about you. Firstly, you’ll need to be breeding puppies in a safe and happy environment and will allow customers to see the mum of your pups.

You could consider offering a support package that allows customers to contact you with any questions about your puppies. This keeps you in contact with them, giving more opportunities for them to spread the word about your business.

Social media

Social media is a great place to establish yourself as a brand. You’ll be able to connect with customers, show off your pups and communicate important details.

Great photography

If you and one other sell the same breed of puppies in the local area, potential customers will tend to choose the breeder with the best photography. This isn’t so much about art and beauty as it is about being able to see the pups in detail.

Blurry, dark photos aren’t going to tell a customer as much about a pup as bright, crisp photos will. This is especially important if you rely on websites like ours for advertising your puppies or are uploading images to social media.

Business partnerships

Working with like-minded businesses in your local area can really give you a boost. Let’s say you work with a local puppy trainer and provide a discount on that training for your customers. Firstly, you’re offering something extra that your competitors aren’t. Secondly, you’re supporting another local business and, finally, that trainer might send people your way who are looking for a puppy.

Event driven marketing

There’s huge scope here for all different events. Perhaps one of your dogs could take part in an agility competition. Maybe you could have a stand at a local dog or country show. You could even organise a sponsored dog walk for a local animal charity.

All of these events will get your name out there and they also give you something to talk about on social media and your blog. You’ll also get the opportunity to meet people who might be interested in getting a new puppy.

Get your advertising right

Advertising a puppy for sale can help you to reach people who are actively searching for a new pet. They might not be familiar with your brand but if you can catch their eye with a great advert then you may have a new customer.

Here are our tips on how to attract attention with your advert.