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How to gain trust through your breeder blog

A blog is important for any business. It’s a great way to get important information across to your customers while at the same time drawing in new ones too. News The news element of your blog can help to keep readers up-to-date with your activities. This could be when your dog falls pregnant, when you… Read more »

Search Engine Optimisation Basics for Dog Breeders

If you have a website or blog for your breeding business then it’s important that you know the search engine optimisation basics (SEO). This will help your business to show up whenever anyone search for breeders in your area or for your breed of dog. How the search engines see your website The search engines… Read more »

How to take great puppy photos

As promised, here are some guidelines for taking great puppy photos. In the absence of a puppy, we have a lovely, full grown English Springer Spaniel modelling for us.

Social media marketing tips for dog breeders

If you make a living out of breeding dogs then you’ll want to market it as a business. Social media is great for all sorts of industries but the Internet loves animals and that’s great news for dog breeders. Here are some social media marketing tips for dog breeders. Which social networks? When deciding which… Read more »

Do you know dog law? (Part two)

Following on from our last post about dog law in the UK, here’s part two which looks at travelling with your pet, dog shows, livestock, and boarding businesses. The Pet Travel Scheme This was introduced in 2000 to help prevent rabies, tick-borne diseases and tapeworm from entering the UK. Before pets can enter the UK they must… Read more »

Do you know dog law? (Part One)

As a breeder it’s important that you know all you can about dog law. This isn’t just so you keep within the rules but it’s also so you can educate new owners and pass on your knowledge. Here are some UK laws that may affect you, your dogs and your business. Breeding and Sale of… Read more »

Make you puppy adverts even more appealing

While word-of -mouth and personal reputation are still the best way to sell a puppy, most breeders still need to advertise their litters.  Before the digital revolution, puppy adverts would appear in local shop windows, regional newspapers, veterinary practices – anywhere breeders could think of that might attract the right people. Now, the internet is… Read more »

How to support the owners of your puppies

Following on from our last post, Getting Ahead of the Competition, we now look at how you can offer a stellar service to your customers. The key to success is to go above and beyond what the customer expects. Ongoing support is something that is especially valuable to new dog owners. There’s often a steep… Read more »

How to get ahead of the competition

There’s lots of competition out there when it comes to selling puppies, from both hobbyists and  those who breed for a living. To stand out and get ahead you need to offer that bit extra. While offering healthy, happy puppies is always the priority, marketing should also be a consideration to ensure that your puppies… Read more »

A breeder’s responsibility this Christmas

We’ve all heard the old saying ‘a puppy is for life, not just for Christmas’. That sentiment always rings true at this time of the year, but there are still some people who don’t think about how much of a commitment a dog can be. It’s all too easy to focus on the obvious joy… Read more »