Six things your puppy owners are looking for

If you can understand your owners’ needs then you’re going to be able to serve them better and keep them happy. If you can pre-empt these needs then you’re going to be one step ahead of other breeders when it comes to finding those new owners too.

Image 3135 (Copy)Friendly service

No one wants to speak to a breeder who is rude or short with them. If you can project a friendly air whenever you’re speaking to a customer it’ll help to create that rapport with them. It doesn’t matter how stressed you might be, it’s always important to be friendly and helpful.

An expert

Your customers will expect you to be an expert in your field. They’ll expect you to know all the ins and outs of your breed(s) as well as how to raise a puppy. They want to know that they’ll be able to come to you with any questions they might have about their new dog.

You can establish yourself as an expert by answering questions as they come, but you can be a bit more proactive with this too. Write blog posts about puppy care, or use social media to answer questions and post expert information.

Responsible breeding

There’s been so much scaremongering when it comes to puppy farms. The papers may be portraying all breeders as irresponsible but we all know that’s not the case and it’s your job to reassure buyers of this.

Let potential customers see your puppies’ parents (or at least the mother); where the puppies sleep; how they’re being raised and so on. Social media is great for this as you can share photos of your puppies growing up before they go to new homes.

Support and a little guidance

Some of your customers may have never owned a dog before and they’ll be looking for a little support on the matter. Be on hand to answer questions and help their new dog get settled in.

You might want to provide a puppy care guide or simply allow customers to give you a call or drop you an email with any questions.

Simple communication

There are so many adverts out there that state that customers can only text and then can only do so between certain hours of the day. This will put off customers who want to get in touch there and then.

Even if you can’t get to the phone, make it easy for anyone interested in a puppy to leave a message. Make sure you have a recording that lets them know they’ve reached the right person regarding puppies and that if they leave their name and number, you’ll get back to them.

If you can, give customers a few ways to contact you. Text, phone, email and social media are usually good.