How to use a Facebook page to connect with potential puppy owners

Facebook is a great marketing tool and it works especially well when you have a visual business. People will always want to see pictures of your dogs and puppies. In fact, it’s important to show off images of your dogs whenever your can.

Earn trust

Trust is a big thing in a business like this were the media keeps telling consumers about dangers of puppy farms. In showing off your personality, your dogs, your puppies and surroundings, you can show that you are a responsible breeder with happy pets and pups.

For this reason it’s important to keep your page up-to-date and to be honest in everything that you post.

Use hashtags

Hashtags may have started on Twitter but Facebook has now jumped on that bandwagon. People can now search through all sorts of posts using one hashtag.

Before you start using hashtags in your posts, search for them. Does #puppyforsale bring up results similar to yours or would you be better off using the hashtag for the breed of your puppies. Do some research and then start to use that hashtag in relevant posts.

This will help people searching for puppies to find your page so they can like it.

Page vs Profile

You may have just started your breeding business by posting to your own Facebook profile. This is all good and well if you are content simply selling to friends and family but once you get a bit bigger, you’ll need a Facebook page.

Firstly, you’ll look more professional with a page. Using your personal profile tends to make it look like you don’t really know when you’re doing when it comes to Facebook marketing.

A page also means that people are only going to get puppy updates and nothing else. If you use your personal profile you’ll probably still want to post family snaps etc., and that’s going to put off people who are there for puppies.

Your profile page is also capped when it comes to the amount of friends you can have. This might be a problem if you’re aiming big. However…

Don’t worry about the numbers

Build up a good following but don’t worry if the numbers stall. There’s no point in aiming for 5000 likes when there are only around 500 Facebook users who would be genuinely interested in your brand.

A few hundred fans who regularly engage with your brand are much, much more valuable than thousands who just scroll past your posts.

Link out

It’s all good and well keeping people on your Facebook page but you should occasionally direct them to your website too. Here they’ll be able to get more information on what you do and the puppies you are selling.

Make it easy

If you’re trying to sell a puppy, make it easy for customers to get in touch. Leave a phone number of email address on your posts. At the very, least have your Facebook messages enabled and keep an eye on what’s coming in.