KC registered Healthy Homebred Puppies

KC Registered Healthy Homebred Puppies

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3 weeks old now the pups are taking wobbly steps and have their eyes open. They are a beautiful healthy litter of home bred puppies in a variety of colours. Jasmine has only had 1 litter before and she is now 5 yrs old. Both parents are KC reg and eye scored. Both have champions in their pedigrees, but Sir Gino has qualified for Crufts for life being best in breed several times. He has just won Best in Show in the Channel Islands. Both have superb temperaments and are part of the family, receiving the best of care and regular worming treatment throughout the pregnancy. This will continue regularly with the puppies. A guaranteed 5* home is essential these special pups which could be winners in the showring but just as happy snuggling up for a cuddle. Mum can be seen feeding her pups and sire Sir Gino is also shown. Three puppies are already reserved and you are welcome to visit without being pressurised into buying as this is an important decision to make. We don't want any regrets and will always offer advice or even take back one of our dogs. Lhasa Asos are the most loyal dogs and will stay by your side all day long. They were also bred to be guard dogs for Buddhist monks and so will warn of any intruders and frighten them away.

Puppy Details

Number of bitches4
Number of dogs3
Price of each bitch£700.00
Price of each dog£700.00

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