Miniature Pinscher Puppies

Miniature Pinscher Puppies

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We are the breeders of the top winning miniature pinscher in the uk in 2009 & top breeder in Ireland for 7 consequtive years. We also bred both parents of Miniature Pinscher of the year 2012 & 2014! & are the foundation of some of the most prolific winning miniature pinschers at the present time! We are fully local authority licensed & fully vet checked. I have put a selection of photographs of our dogs for you to enjoy. We are always happy to discuss export enquiries & have exported worldwide most recently, Croatia, Monaco, zimbabwe, Ghana & Germany.We are always happy to give help & advice or generally discuss the breed so please feel free to contact us. We confidently offer for stud, dogs in all colours. We have had a few very well bred ladies visit the boys recently & puppies are hopefully due shortly. Black/ Tan, Red, Chocolate/Tan, Blue/Tan & Isabella may be available. ***Girls are scanned & puppies due in a few weeks! Early reservation is reccommended.*** We have puppies just born & there are Black/Tan & Red boys & girls available. These puppies are bred down the same lines as Toby who won; BOB & group 3 at East of England Ch show in July 2014 & was Miniature Pinscher of the year 2014 & 2015 & also Morgan who at Darlington Ch show was Best puppy in Breed & Puppy Group 2! Really Top quality puppies. So a wonderful opportunity to have a beautiful, correct & well bred puppy wether it be to show or just as a much loved family pet. Our Miniature Pinschers will be exactly that! within the breed standard height! Having owned this breed for many years & being involved with dogs a lifetime we are finding it very sad the levels that some people will stoop to to discredit others! Be very careful there are a lot of scams about at present & we have been contacted by many people who have fallen victim to a scam! 2014 was unfortunately really bad & I do not see 2015 getting any better! we have spoken to three families who have recently purchased puppies, two from the same person. The two from the same person one died & the other is ill in the vets with a serious infectious condition, neither were insured! the third puppy had a condition that the 'breeder' could not have failed to know about & subsequently was put to sleep to save from further suffering 9 days after going into her new home, the insurance is not valid due to it being a pre existing condition! PLEASE be careful when buying your puppy. Please be very careful when taking a puppy/dog from abroad, spoke to a lady 1st week of the new year who purchased a rescue min pin in portugal on the friday puppy arrived in the uk on the following monday to die 2 days after arriving in the uk. This puppy was only 9 weeks old so too young to have been here! Rabies vaccine can not be given before 12 weeks of age & the dog needs to wait for 21 days after rabies to travel! This is not a RARE breed so please do not be conned into being told different & just becuase a puppy in a litter is smaller than their litter mates does not mean it should be sold for more money, it potentially will grow to maturity the same as its siblings! Our puppies leave us with a full 5 generation pedigree, insurance, diet sheet, worming information & various information leaflets plus vouchers etc, Also puppy food, blanket, toys, treats. A nice puppy pack that will help puppy settle into his or her new home. Our pet puppies will not leave with K.C.Registration! If you require full K.C.Registration these will not be endorsed. The price starts from £400 depending on your requirements. A non refundable deposit will reserve your puppy of choice

Puppy Details

Number of bitches3
Number of dogs3
Price of each bitch£450.00
Price of each dog£400.00

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